the puddle
the puddle

The East District Cross Country Relays were held on Sunday 12th October 2014 at Peebles High School. Teviotdale Harriers had a good number of runners competing on this steep and demanding but also very picturesque course on the outskirts of the town of Peebles. The conditions were almost perfect with a blue and bright sky and little wind. One person remarked ‘there wasn’t enough mud!’ but that will surely be to come in the months ahead.

the girls

First to run were the junior girls including newcomers to cross country Stella Clamp and Rachel Shiel, also Hollie Grieve taking part in her first East District race. The young females ‘A’ team finished in 14th place, times were Carly Blaikie 12.36 running the u13 leg, Rachel Shiel 12.22 on the u15 leg and finally running the u17 leg Ishbel Inglis 11.25. For the ‘B’ team Stella Clamp completed her u13 leg in 15.25 and Hollie Grieve the u15 leg in 16.46. Well done girls, a tough initiation to the world of cross country running.

Carly Blaikie
Rachel Shiel
Ishbel Inglis
Stella Clamp
Hollie Grieve

Next to run were the boys. Running the u13 leg on his first outing at East District was John Lee Elder who finished in a time of 13.21, next up for the u15 leg was Jamie Waugh finishing in a time of 10.51 with Joseph Tottman on the u17 final leg finishing in 11.21 to earn the boys 26th position in the competition. Well done boys!

John Lee Elder


Jamie Waugh
Joseph Tottman

Senior ladies were next on the line for their 4,000 metre route which included an extension of the hill the juniors had covered and also 3 ‘jumps’ along the course, testing on the legs after the steep climb. The first leg was run by Pamela Paxton who finished in a time of 21.02. Next away was Lauren Corbett completing in 21.42 and Donna Inglis on the final leg coming in at 23.15. The team finished 31st in their category.

Pam Paxton
Lauren Corbett
Donna Inglis

Teviotdale had 2 full mens’ teams for the final race of the day, the biggest number for a while including returned members Rory and Iain and also James Clamp in his first outing for Teviotdale at East District. Covering the same 4,000 metre course as the ladies the times and positions were as follows:- ‘A’ team Rory Anderson 14.19, Iain Williams 15.30, Derek Scott 17.02 and Alan Inglis 16.34 this team finished 19th. ‘B’ team Kyle Potts 17.18, Alister Biggar 17.22, James Clamp 17.49 and Alex Corbett 18.20, 34th position.

Rory Anderson
Iain Williams
Derek Scott
Alan Inglis
Kyle Potts
Alister Biggar
James Clamp


Alex Corbett

Our next outing is to Stirling on Saturday 18th October for the first league race. Minibus leaves Mart Street at 9.00am.

Thanks to Alex Corbett and Ishbel Inglis for photographs, view more of Alex’s photographs on the link HERE