Some 2009 results



Ben Nevis Race. Sun 6th Sept 2009
202nd. –Keith Murray-2.17.18
358th. –John Marsh-2.44.09
464 finished.

Alnwick Harriers Coastal Run. Sun 12th July 2009. 14m.
499-Catriona Young-2.04.03
698-Liz Borthwick-2.19.24
702-Sylvia Grieve-2.19.41
825-Shirley Aitkin-2.39.29
864 runners

Kelso 10K Sun. 12th. July 2009
1st.-Darrell Hastie-34.35
8th.-Wayne McIntosh-36.52
10th-Iain Williams-37.21
85th-Michael Yule-50.09
138 Runners

Eildon Hills Race Sat. 20th June 2009
15th –Billy Fraser-36.33
44th-Robert Cranston-43.17
57th-Alan Coltman-46.16
68th-Jim Pittillo-52.22
71 Runners
Some good photo`s on Gala Website

Peebles 10K Sun 14th June 2009
10th-Craig Grieve-37.17
53rd-Michael Yule-43.12
169 runners

64th-Liz Borthwick-69.30
74th-Jim Pittillo-71.28
80th-Shirley Aitkin-78.27
81st-Leah Arnott-78.56

Gala 10K. Sun. 19th April 2009
7th.-Darrell Hastie-33.54
12th-Wayne McIntosh-35.10
13th-Raymond Jaffray-35.15
19th-Craig Grieve-35.53
21st-Iain Williams-36.31
27th-Alan Inglis-37.58
58th-Michael Yule-42.41
99th-Catriona Young-48.41
120th-Sylvia Grieve-55.57
121st-Donna Inglis-55.57
127 runners
Darrell, Wayne, Raymond.

Coledale Horseshoe. Sat. 18th April 2009
42nd- Keith Murray
64th-Kenny Short
259 runners

Dunbar 10K. Sat. 4th April 2009
3rd.-Gareth Mayze-35.16
8th.-Raymond Jaffray-36.11
26th.-Alan Inglis-39.21
104th.-Catriona Young-48.35
151st.-Elizabeth Borthwick-52.49
190th.-Donna Inglis-56.48
253 Runners

Chapelgill Hill Race Sat. 21st March 2009
13th-Craig Grieve-24.15
14th-Keith Murray-24.23
28th-Billy Fraser ?-29.40
47 runners

TEVIOTDALE HARRIERS: The athletics club for Hawick and area since 1889.