Early Years

Most of the history, information, results and pictures that this website uses is appropriated from John L. Coltman’s book – First Hundred:

The following is taken from said book: “On Saturday, 12th January, 1889, nine Hawick men met at Deanfield on the outskirts of the town and took part in a cross-country run over some eight miles…

“At the conclusion of the run it was resolved to call a meeting of all who might be interested, for the purpose of forming a Harriers Club…

“At this meeting held in the Round Room of the Tower Hotel in Hawick on Thursday, 24th January, 12 gentlemen formed themselves into a club.”

And so began Teviotdale Harriers.

The 12 founder members: John R. Turnbull, Findlay Purdom, George H. Wilson, John Purdom, Douglas Oliver, Robert Blair, James Blair, Harold Evers, Robert Anderson, Charles McL. Purdom, Willie Laing and Robert Laing.

Three men were elected office-bearers for the season:

  • John R. Purdom, captain
  • George H. Wilson, vice-captain
  • Charles McL. Purdom, secretary and treasurer.

“The captain was vested with full power to arrange runs, places of meets, paces, whips, etc.”

1889 – The first official run was on Saturday 26th January and runners covered a distance of around 8 miles.

“In those early years two members were designated ‘hares’ and it was their job to lay the trail using paper for their clubmates, the ‘hounds,’ to follow. The pack was led by a ‘pace’ and a runner known as a ‘whip,’ bringing up the rear to attend to strugglers.”

1889 – The first general meeting was held in the Tower Hotel on 5th October and here it was agreed that the Buccleuch Hotel would be the club’s headquarters.

“By 1894 the Harriers were well and truly established with 150 members and double that figure by the following year. It was in December 1895 that Teviotdale joined the Scottish Cross Country Union and two years later the Scottish Border Amateur Athletic Association.”

1896 – It was in this year that a GATE was adopted for club stationery, with the paper to have maroon lettering.

1897 – At this years AGM a move to change the name to Hawick Harriers was defeated.

1899 – A proud moment for the club as one of it’s members, P. Robertson is chosen as Cornet.


“Such was the level  of support the club was now receiving, in November 1907 it became necessary to form a junior section…They had an opening run of four miles in which nine young lads took part, the following week it was 40.”


“A special meeting was held in St James’ Hall on 8th September to which ladies interested in cross-country running and athletics were invited. 30 enthusiastic ladies turned up…”

TEVIOTDALE HARRIERS: The athletics club for Hawick and area since 1889.