THC Juniors at Primary School Cross Country Championships

Well done to all our juniors members who were eligible (p6 or p7 pupils) and participated in our primary schools cross country championships. In the boys race it was fantastic to see five out of the top ten were harriers with the remainder all finishing within the top fifty, out of 134 competitors. Outright winner in a time of 7.42 was Hector Patterson, 2nd Sam Allott in 8.10 and 3rd Sean McMichan also 8.10. Finishers were as follows: 4th William Brodie 8.26, 9th Lewis Renwick 8.35, 14th Liam Bouglas 8.49, 16th Samuel Parrish 8.49, 18th Harrison Hughes 8.58, 22nd Liam Jaffray 9.18, 24th Ryan McMichan 9.25, 30th Ewan Thomas 9.31, 33rd Charlie Rae 9.35, 40th Andrew Drummond 9.52, 41st Max Hope 9.54, 50th Calum Renwick 10.11. Well done boys!

In the girls race there were an impressive eight harrier girls out of the top ten, with the remainder finishing around top thirty out of 113 competitors. Maisie Ballantyne was overall winner in a time of 8.43, Sinead McHugh finished 2nd in 9.15 and 3rd place went to Nicky Sutherland. Finishers were as follows: 4th Connie Richards 9.41, 5th Bailey Jamieson 9.42, 6th Lucy Nichol 9.42, 7th Abi Reid 9.48, 9th Katie Jaffray 10.04, 12th Isobel MacTaggart 10.12, 13th Jasmine Parrish 10.20, 14th Abbie McCaughey, 20th Abi Darroch, 29th Mollie Crozier, 32nd Maisie Drabner-Graham 11.35. Well done girls!!

Photographs to follow.

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