Penchrise Pen Hill Race 24th September 2017

Penchrise Pen Hill Race was well supported last Sunday as 30 runners took on the challenge with Brian Marshall, Ann Aitken, Fraser Clyne and Maisie Ballantyne taking the wins

The club showed exactly how to organise and run an event such as this with everything prepared and organised to the Nth degree. Huge well done to all who played their part.

Senior Men:

  1. Brian Marshall, Haddington (36:27)
  2. Darrin Dougal, Moorfoot (36:48)
  3. Ian Bell, Gala Harriers (40:52)

Senior Ladies:

  1. Ann Aitken, Teviotdale Harriers (56:58)
  2. Marion Fairbairn, Sharp Shufflers (59:51)
  3. Judith Purves, Sharp Shufflers (62:36)

Junior Boys:

  1. Fraser Clyne, Teviotdale Harriers (22:34)
  2. Conan Harper, Teviotdale Harriers (25:11)
  3. Thomas MacAskill, Teviotdale Harriers (26:59)

Junior Girls:

  1. Maisie Ballantyne, Teviotdale Harriers (33:21)

Senior results here

Junior results here

Top row, Brian Marshall & Ann Aitken senior winners. Bottom row, Maisie Ballantyne and Fraser Clyne junior winners.

Bruce Hughes’ pics here

Alex Corbett’s pics here