Gala 10k and 3k Fun Run

A glorious Sunday morning in Tweedbank was the setting for a very popular Gala Harriers 10k and 3K fun run.

Upon arrival, you knew that the turn out must have been pretty good as more entry forms were hastily being printed out for those entering on the day.  As the inflatable start/finish arch neared maximum rigidness, runners, joggers, mums, dads, kids and even ex Scotland Rugby Internationalists all went through their warm up process and privately prepared for the starters call.

The Harriers were represented by six Juniors in the 3k and six Seniors in the 10k.  It’s very important to go and represent at these local events and give your backing to clubs who put so much into their communities.  Teviotdale Harriers certainly done this, with the dynamic dozen dashing around the paths of Tweedbank.

“Five minutes folks,” came the cry and like a moth to a flame, all 3k runners began congregating towards the giant inflatable.  85 competitors stepped forward and with the crowd joining in the count down, the time was now.  The whistle blew and off they ventured on a 3k route around the picturesque village, including a loop around the popular Gunknowe Loch.

Home runner Gregor Collins finished 1st (8:32), with Ewan Christie 2nd (9:07).  Harriers up and coming Junior runner Thomas MacAskill finished well in 3rd (9:27).  Other finishers for Teviotdale were Iona Jamieson (10:05) who ran superbly to finish 2nd Lady and 12th overall.  Harrison Hughes 23rd (11:20), Boyd Hughes 27th (11:49), Ava Hughes 37th (12:35) and Glen Jamieson 44th (13:06).

With the organisers kindly providing a vaguely familiar friend, known as sunshine, the thermometer began to soar as 10k competitors finished their pre-race prep.  Again, “five minutes folks,” followed by a brief oral recce of the route.  Then the 10k runners were away.  A sharp 200m loosener around the tartan track and competitors set off into the Tweedbank Industrial Estate.

The two lap course provided flat long straights with great opportunities for anyone hoping to record a decent time, to do just that.

Not long after the 3km sign, runners turned right into the welcome shade of a tree-lined path.  This impressive part of the course opened up with a slight downhill and flattened out again towards the Loch.  Passing the 4km marker, runners headed up through a housing scheme (the only notable uphill on the route) which again flattened out.  This carried runners along to the half way point and start of the second lap where refreshments were available and gratefully accepted as the heat built and built.

After completing the second lap, runners turned right into the Tweedbank Sports Complex and finished with a 300m ‘dash’ around the track to the line.

The speedily provided results of the 72 runners in the 10k, saw David Limmer from Portobello Running Club take the honours in 33:49.  Gav Bryson running for Edinburgh Athletic Club finished 2nd (34:31), with Marcus D’Agrosa, Gala Harriers 3rd (34:47).  First home for Teviotdale Harriers was Greg Walker 4th (35:55).  Followed by Bruce Hughes 7th (36:52), Michael Yule 26th (43:54), Alan Samuel 41st (48:09), and Kirsty Hughes 60th (53:34).  With Greg, Bruce and Kirsty all improving their personal bests.  Unfortunately Rory Anderson did not finish.

Well Organised, well marshalled, well sign posted, well done Gala.  See you on Sunday August 28th for the Hawick 10k.

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