Circuit Training ‘Fun’ Challenge Night

circuitscircuits(more photographs to follow)

On Thursday 12th June ThinkFitness kindly gifted the juniors a complimentary circuit training session on our penultimate night before the summer holidays. BUT this was a session with a difference and prizes to be gained! Each athlete had to record the number of repetitions they completed on each station. This incentive produced some very competitive efforts and some amazing results. After some counting and double checking the results were as follows:

1st overall Ishbel Inglis

1st High School Girl Emma Grieve
1st High School Boy Jamie Waugh

1st Primary School Girl Katie Jaffray
1st Primary School Boy Lewis Renwick

To finish off the evening, and also some of the competitors, we held a ‘plank’ challenge which saw a fantastic effort by all taking part. The above prize winners were excluded from this event and the top spot went to Rachel Shiel who held on tremendously well to see off the rest of the competition. Well done Rachel and also well done to everyone who took part and tried so hard. A big thanks to ThinkFitness for the new and exciting sessions they come up with each week for us and encouraging all the youngsters in developing their fitness levels. Last session Thursday 19th June, 4 – 5pm.