125 Mile Relay Run

Sunday 22 June 2014

Wilton Lodge Park

All ages and all abilities welcome to participate; the only requirement is the ability to complete 1 mile. Each runner will run a marked 1 mile route handing the baton to the next awaiting runner. This will be a continuous run until the 125 miles have been completed.

If you would like to take part in this commemorative anniversary event please contact Norman Taylor on 01450 375400 or 07981 485750.

The event will start at approximately 4am and will run until 125 miles are completed hopefully finishing between 8pm and 10pm (ish). If you have a start time preference please advise at the time of entering, otherwise you will be allocated a time.

Runners aged under 16 will receive a parental consent letter with full details which must be completed prior to participation.

Route map HERE

Guess the Time

How long will it take to run 125 miles? Considering there will be runners aged from 8 years to over 80 years of age…….Guess the time sheets are available from all Harriers Committee members and also participating businesses. Each guess costs 50p. Prize for guessing the actual or nearest time will receive £125.