Broxburn XC – Saturday 14 January 2012

Saturday 14 January destination Broxburn for the third and final East District League race. Usually known as being the ‘coldest one’ the weather wasn’t too bad – cloudy and dull, yet not too cold or windy. Underfoot it was fairly firm with a few slippy corners compared to recent years when runners had to break the ice on the puddles and certainly firmer than any field or track in Hawick recently!.  A small but cheery bunch gathered round the club tent with jokes and wisecracks aplenty!  The usual chat about a certain member’s (you know who) night before preparations was had too. First up were the ’wee ones’ Emma Grieve and Ishbel Inglis (11) running in the U-13 category Ishbel coming in at 11.55 and Emma Grieve 13.02. Next up was Louise Mercer running in the U17 ladies coming in 3rd U17 in a time of 16.06.  As the men prepared to run there was a loud gasp round the gathering as Bill Knox unveiled a corker of a vest.  Not his usual string vest number but a cheeky combo of one third cotton complete with maroon stripe and two thirds string. Discussion followed as the date of origin was explored. Certainly this was a pre-Inglis, pre-Grieve number not sure if Captain Coltman and timekeepers Alan and Doug Carruthers had been present at a previous outing of this amazing garment. The men set off for the start line and the wives, children and dog – Jake- took up various positions on the course to shout for Team Teviotdale. If they had prizes for the loudest kids we would certainly win!

Craig Grieve in the throng


Closely followed by Alan Inglis

Following 3 laps of this punishing course, the men came in as follows: Craig Grieve 34.06, Alan Inglis 36.12, El Capitano Alan Coltman 43.56 and Birthday Boy (60 – belatedly wishes from us all) Bill (the legend) Knox 47.49. 

Craig Grieve working through the field


Alan Inglis matching stride for stride

As the men discussed and compared their times, off the course there was another PB in progress. Sylvia on a strict curfew from Grievo of a 3.30pm sharp departure in relation to their Irish Rovers gig that night was frantically dismantling the team tent. So, it wasn’t just a case of “here’s your coat, what’s your hurry?” but more a “here’s your coat, trainers, tracksuit, flask, picnic….”.  A few minutes delay in getting the tent folded down due to lack of practice over the Festive Season suggested a fail but with a little help from a friend the Grieve party got away in good time.  Another enjoyable day being a member of Teviotdale Harriers. Here’s to many more.
Report D Inglis
Photographs courtesy of roadrunpics – sadly not one of Bill’s vest.