Club Championships 2012

Teviotdale Harriers held their annual Club Championships on Saturday 11 February in and around Wilton Lodge park. The u/11 girl champion for season 2011/2012 is Amy Campbell winning her race in the time of 6min 43sec.  The winner of the u/13 girls race was Ishbel Inglis winning in the time of 6min 6sec, and the winner of the sealed handicap for u/13 girls was Emma Grieve.

The u/11 boys championship was won by Fraser Clyne 5min 44sec.  The u/13 boys champion is Jamie Waugh who won in the time of 6min 7sec.  The u/13 boys sealed handicap winner was Billy McNeil and in second place it was David Mercer.

The u/17 boys race which took in the trim track was won by Kyle Potts who crossed the line in 16min 6sec and in the sealed handicap the winner was Charlie Marshall with junior club captain Keith Learnmonth in second place.

The senior ladies who ran the same course as the u/17 boys was won by Pam Paxton in 17min 25sec with the sealed handicap being won by Sylvia Grieve with Ann Renwick taking second place.

The senior men who tackle a course that takes in Wilton Burn, Highchesters and Todgie Haugh was won by Kelso runner Colin Welsh who crossed the line in the time of 42min and 3sec, in second place in the time of 42min 23sec was Craig Grieve with the sealed handicap being won by Wayne McIntosh, Alan Inglis taking second and Derek Scott in third place.

Report by Rob Halliday

Full results HERE

Photos by Alan Clyne

Broxburn XC – Saturday 14 January 2012

Saturday 14 January destination Broxburn for the third and final East District League race. Usually known as being the ‘coldest one’ the weather wasn’t too bad – cloudy and dull, yet not too cold or windy. Underfoot it was fairly firm with a few slippy corners compared to recent years when runners had to break the ice on the puddles and certainly firmer than any field or track in Hawick recently!.  A small but cheery bunch gathered round the club tent with jokes and wisecracks aplenty!  The usual chat about a certain member’s (you know who) night before preparations was had too. First up were the ’wee ones’ Emma Grieve and Ishbel Inglis (11) running in the U-13 category Ishbel coming in at 11.55 and Emma Grieve 13.02. Next up was Louise Mercer running in the U17 ladies coming in 3rd U17 in a time of 16.06.  As the men prepared to run there was a loud gasp round the gathering as Bill Knox unveiled a corker of a vest.  Not his usual string vest number but a cheeky combo of one third cotton complete with maroon stripe and two thirds string. Discussion followed as the date of origin was explored. Certainly this was a pre-Inglis, pre-Grieve number not sure if Captain Coltman and timekeepers Alan and Doug Carruthers had been present at a previous outing of this amazing garment. The men set off for the start line and the wives, children and dog – Jake- took up various positions on the course to shout for Team Teviotdale. If they had prizes for the loudest kids we would certainly win!

Craig Grieve in the throng


Closely followed by Alan Inglis

Following 3 laps of this punishing course, the men came in as follows: Craig Grieve 34.06, Alan Inglis 36.12, El Capitano Alan Coltman 43.56 and Birthday Boy (60 – belatedly wishes from us all) Bill (the legend) Knox 47.49. 

Craig Grieve working through the field


Alan Inglis matching stride for stride

As the men discussed and compared their times, off the course there was another PB in progress. Sylvia on a strict curfew from Grievo of a 3.30pm sharp departure in relation to their Irish Rovers gig that night was frantically dismantling the team tent. So, it wasn’t just a case of “here’s your coat, what’s your hurry?” but more a “here’s your coat, trainers, tracksuit, flask, picnic….”.  A few minutes delay in getting the tent folded down due to lack of practice over the Festive Season suggested a fail but with a little help from a friend the Grieve party got away in good time.  Another enjoyable day being a member of Teviotdale Harriers. Here’s to many more.
Report D Inglis
Photographs courtesy of roadrunpics – sadly not one of Bill’s vest.

Borders XC Spittal

The sixth leg of the Borders XC Series at Spittal took place in good running conditions with little wind although pretty chilly. Apart from the usual slog through the soft sand at the start and finish the organisers had also changed the climb up to the clifftop path from the usual pathway to a scramble up the grassy banking which took most of the field by surprise, not just the newcomers. 
Fraser on the way out

The juniors got underway with 3 Harriers in the field of 76. Winning the race in a time of 14:24 was John McLean of Selkirk, first Harrier home was James Mercer in 15th place (17:06) just edging out Fraser Clyne in 16th (17:10) while Calum Murray ran a steady race to finish 42nd (19:07). Also running was Bill Knox’s daughter Anna who finished 63rd in 21:36.

Calum heading for home

After the kid’s finished it was our turn and I found myself right at the front as we lined up, as it’s a bit tight at the start I decided to just stay there and go for it from the start. Easy said but after the soft start and we had spread out on Spittal beach thing’s were still going well. A few different lines as runner’s headed for what they thought was the firmest sand. I had decided to stay high but had only checked out half the beach and in hindsight the closer to the water probably gave the best running but also looked slightly longer so maybe a case of six and half a dozen. At the end of the beach I went straight over the rock’s which nicked a couple of place’s back and then up the stair’s to scramble up the new climb. The clifftop run and I picked up a couple and also lost a couple of place’s but then lost a few yard’s at the turn which I never got back. However the descent back to the beach went well and after crossing the rock’s I decided to stick to the high line, however this left me isolated a bit and probably cost me a couple of places with nobody to race with. As everybody came back together I found myself about 20yds behind the first lady but  still feeling strong enough for a final sprint, should have known better as the soft sand in the  final 300yds doesn’t lend itself to sprinting. So had to settle for 19th place in 28:58 but happy with my run. Up at the front Dunbar’s Adam Crichton won in 24:28 while other Teviotdale runner’s were Darryl in 6th (27:00), Alan I enjoying his debut in the series and a first visit to Spittal in 31st (29:48), Degsy 38th (30:10) and Wayne 43rd (30:34). So that’s nearly it for another year with one race left in the series at Norham’s leg 0n Feb 19th at Floor’s Castle.

All that was left was a jog back along the beach for a warm down. Having decided to jog along the beach barefoot the temptation to go for a paddle proved too strong, didnae last long! As I came back out light headed I decided ice bath’s are not for me

The North Sea, warm and inviting!!

Langheugh Trophy 2012

Report from Rob Halliday:

Last Saturday Teviotdale Harriers held their Langheugh Trophy races, the race for u/13 boys was won by Calum Murray in the time of 11min 3sec, second was Fraser Clyne (11:34).  In the u/13 girls race Emma Grieve crossed the line first (10:27) in second spot it was Ishbel Inglis (11:25).

The u/17 boys race was won by Keith Learmonth in the time of 28min 50 sec with Jason McIntosh second (28:58) and in third spot it was Kyle Potts (29:33). The senior ladies race was won by Sylvia Grieve (29:20) with Pam Paxton in second place (29:24) and in third place it was Donna Inglis (30:14).

The senior men’s race was won by Keith Murray (51:36) in second place it was John Tullie (51:43) and in third place it was Derek Scott (52:40).

The next event for Harriers members is the third East District league race on Saturday 14 January at Broxburn for more information contact Rob Halliday on Hawick 376995.

Results are HERE

Photos from Alan Clyne – these are Alan’s copyright so printing off not allowed, but if anyone would like a copy of the original (which will be better quality) just email Alan at




Off Road Duathlon – Hawick Moor

Hawick Cycling Club and Teviotdale Harriers held a duathlon on Hawick Moor on Wednesday 28 December, the course comprised of running one lap of the racecourse, followed by cycling 3 laps (one lap for the youths) of the perimeter of the moor including a climb up onto the hill, along the top dyke and back down towards the starting area, finishing with running one lap of the racecourse.  Continue reading Off Road Duathlon – Hawick Moor

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